Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rainy Day Project: or Removing Water Stains from Old Furniture

Today is COLD. And drizzly. But I was anxious to get a move on some projects.

We rescued the headboard on a rainy day, and unfortunately it got these icky white water stains. I love the color and finish, so I was hoping I wouldn't have to sand and refinish it. Not to mention what a pain it would be to get into all the details!

I decided to jump straight to the easiest possible solution: Old English Scratch Cover (for dark woods).

If you're doing this at home, I would recommend using a soft cloth, and not paper towels, but I didn't have any handy.  Following the directions on the bottle, I gave it a good coating, a little elbow grease, and wiped away the excess.  Today must have been my lucky day...

No more water marks!  While I was at it, I did the rest of the headboard to even out the tone and take care of any worn spots.   I'm anxious to get the rest of this project rolling... Check out the gorgeous carving on this headboard.

I'm glad we rescued this one!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just wanted to share...

THESE devastatingly stylish canisters are the new residents in my kitchen.  I'm thinking a good coating of bronze? Stay tuned!

Upcoming projects...

Ok, here is a brief rundown of some waiting projects.

1. $5 Table

                                      Like the stickers?

2. Curbside Headboard... This one will be repurposed into something special!

3. Country Chair

Other things on the list are painting some impossible-to-clean white plastic Adirondack chairs, various garden things, and a set of lovely teddy bear canisters....

P.S. Anyone have any reccomendations for a new camera?

The chairs that started it all....

Welcome to my first post!  As projects stack up waiting for the first hint of warm weather, and cans of spray paint sit cooling their heels, I figured I'd make use of the time by showing you the chairs that started it all....

Project 1: The First Garbage Chair.

We found this little beaut sitting next to our old dumpster. Someone was moving and this chair did not make the cut. I loved the style, but the tan pleather, cushionless seat needed to go!

Bring in the staple gun, clearance fabric, and a piece of foam!


Project 2:  Craigslist Dining Chairs

When we bought our house, we bought a beautiful dining set off of Craigslist.  However, the family had little monsters of destruction kids.

Same staple gun to the rescue! Annnnd the after:

There you have it. Nothing spectacular, nothing complicated, but I've caught the bug!

I promise better photos and tutorials in the future!
Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you soon....