Saturday, May 7, 2011

Goody Goody Gumdrop - Impossible to Clean Lawn Furniture

A long time ago, my grandmother had three white, plastic Adirondack chairs. She got tired of cleaning them.

A not quite as long time ago, my father had three white, plastic Adirondack chairs. He got tired of cleaning them.

A not very long time ago, we bought a house and were then gifted these three white, plastic Adirondack chairs.

They are IMPOSSIBLE to clean. We tried everything. Regular cleaner, bleach, tire brushes, scrubbing, soaking.... I think we only succeeded in polluting the plants next to the driveway.

Here are closeups of the dirt:

And mind, this was AFTER they were "cleaned". You'd be afraid to sit on them in white pants, even though they've been soaped and scrubbed!

Considering the chairs were free to us, we decided it would be spray paint to the rescue! I know plastic doesn't take spray paint well, but I figured even if it only lasted one season, the cost of a couple cans is less than buying new chairs that nobody is afraid to sit on.

After a little research, I decided Krylon Fusion for Plastic was the way to go. With a hunter green deck and butter yellow house, the only color to go with was (and I swear my husband agreed to this) purple!  A color called Gumdrop to be exact.

The Fusion seems to be holding really well to the plastic and seems to cover well enough. My one complaint would be that a can doesn't seem to go very far.  We bought three cans, and only got two chairs done well, and one that will stay in the garage until needed due to blotchy-ness...

At the end of the day, I don't think the purple is too much and I do think I like my new chairs!


  1. Good for you I have been craving two yellow ones...inspiration.Id love for you to drop by my blog to visit and follow if you so desire I am your newest follower love your projects!

  2. I pressure washed my plastic Adirondack chairs and the results were amazing. I used red Krylon spray paint on mine and it started chipping after a couple of months of light use. I hope yours hold up better than mine have!

  3. It's actually been holding up really well. My husband powerwashed the chairs when he was cleaning the gutters today and there was no paint flaking.... so far so good!