Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rustoleum Hammered Finish and Dollar Store Treasures

Last month I ordered a patio indoor/outdoor citrus trio from Gurney's. In anticipation of the arrival of my Meyer Lemon, Meyer Lime, and Venus Orange trees, I set out to find the perfect pots for my new little plants.

What I found at the Dollar Tree were these 8.25" plastic pots:

 I loved the size, the grapes, the price... everything except the chalky red plastic.  So, I sent my husband looking for some of that Rustoleum  Hammered Metalics spray paint. I was hoping for a darker than copper, but still slightly orangish finish, so I guessed and asked for "Bronze". Well, they had "Dark Bronze" and that's what he came home with:

It's actually much more petwer-y than I was hoping for, but figured what-the-heck.  Husband actually took over the painting on this one.

This is what they looked like painted:

Two weeks later, my trees arrived! Woo!  We first had to drill drainage holes in the bottom of the pots.

A little Miracle Grow potting soil, my new trees, and here we go:

 If you're wondering why there are only two trees, it's because my Venus Orange arrived like this:
Awaiting reply from Gurney's!


Figured we'd try the leftover paint on our yucky mailbox (which came with the house). The can says it sprays directly over rust with no prep work.

Still boring, but better. Painted well over rust, but is chipping where the lid hits the front. Still needs something extra....


  1. Looks good..if you want to decorate it some..get some rub ons at your local craft store to decorate the front! or paint something on it yourself!!

  2. I'm not talented enough to pain something myself, but rub ons are a good idea. I'll have to take a stroll down that aisle next time!

  3. Great adding appeal to your front porch instantly ! I love your spray paint projects I am always afraid to try it!

  4. Nice improvement. You might also try your jute trick (from the canisters) on the narrow part of the mailbox lid...

    1. I used masking tape and taped off every other inch and made black stripes on mine.